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"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable." - Ludwig van Beethoven.


"The Grown-ups +1" EP is now a digital download!

A NEW VIDEO has been posted on YouTube this past weekend to send off the NEW (old) "The Grown-ups" digital release now available on CDBABY!

Find out more about it using the "GROWN-UPS" page link at left.

Thank you for visiting - welcome. As a songwriter scientist music-lover, I participate in recurring roles as recording artist, singer, musician and performer. Songs have made themselves known to me since I was an adolescent. The music spans genres and generations. Many times it defies categorization, or perhaps renders it unimportant. I am fortunate to have created many unique and interesting musical pieces, most with an indefinite shelf-life. In bands or singularly I have won songwriting and performance competitions, opened for large acts, and have been the headliner as well.

These days I perform my shiny compositions on piano for special events as backdrop or at clubs or private parties - with and sometimes without vocals and harmonies. When I drag out the "good" piano, I encorporate custom, tastefully layered MIDI accompaniment. We call it Markaoke. It provides the "bells and whistles", filling out the arrangements with percussion, bass, string, melody line, etc.

Please look around the site. There is a page devoted to the 2013 instrumental post-folk/rock CD "Elevator", as well as one for my my long and storied discography. Surf on, troopies.

Now Booking

Throwing a house party? Need some spiffy background music for your event or product? For booking or songwriting information please contact us here:

The "performance" is evolving. I enjoy talking to a responsive crowd. I like to explain aspects of the songs - some remarkable and noteworthy things generally happen in or around them. I try to add new songs every gig, with an occasional quirky "new" cover (non-original) and works culminating from my nearly vast reportoire.


Good music. Unexpected music. The songs are not all the same. They are not all the same genre. My influences have been Rock, Jazz, Folk, Classical, World music, etc. and my songs reflect that. Listen with an open mind and heart and this music will fill them for you. I have been carefully (this word was purposefully chosen) writing beautiful music since childhood, while being my own "worse" critic and editor.

Getting so much better all the time.

Thankfully I have had supportive and encouraging friends - new and old. Here are some unsolicited words from them about my music or performances:

"This is a note to thank everyone for the great tunes. I was having a pretty awful day and I put on my headphones and listened to Elevator. It helped....after about ten minutes I was calmer and able to concentrate on my work and let everything else go. So if you need some music to study by, relax in traffic, work on taxes, or enjoy a quiet dinner then Elevator is a must have." - Kate B, Norfolk, VA

"[Elevator] ... is awesome! Currently in heavy rotation at work. Highly recommended!" - John P, New Port Richey, FL

"...I simply fell in love with it. I play it in my van all the time, especially after a trying day or during heavy traffic. It is so calming. I would have a hard time picking out a favorite tune as I love them all." - Jacque E, Tampa

"Thanks again, your efforts at my Mom's party were greatly appreciated!" - Mark W, Pinellas Park

More Testamonials

Cool VIDEO with pretty mountain pictures!

In late 2013 the Elevator CD was released. Seventeen uplifting, original, timeless Rock [mol] instrumental compositions are on this album - nearly an hour of passionate, lovingly crafted music. Please listen and "like" some samples, such as Louise or Go or Stay.

The Grown-ups (mostly)

New videos are coming up on YouTube, and in a few days a thirtieth anniversary re-release (with bonus material) of "The Grown-ups" EP will be available as a digital release (ss "Mark Scot" - The Grown-ups), with vocals this time! I am approaching music with a renewed vigor these days. I am not famous - I have NO regrets about that. The songs, however, have universal merit and wide appeal and deserve to be disseminated end enjoyed!

Where does the time go? Drop me a line, any time. Cheers,
Jan 7, 2017

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